Get more out of Tizen by Joining the Tizen Association Partner Program

If you would like to work more closely with Tizen, then you should consider joining the Tizen Association Partner Program. You get access to a range of benefits that help you.
Jun 11, 2014

The Tizen Association Partner Program was initially launched with 36 members at the Tizen Developer Summit in Seoul, Korea 2013. Since then we've had another batch of 15 members, and recently 37 more members joining. The goal of the Tizen Association Partner Program is to:

... work with key players in the industry and provide the valuable information you need to better understand Tizen. We want to help companies establish a better relationship with the Tizen Platform and provide exposure to the Tizen Association Board Members and other ecosystem players


If you want to work more closely with Tizen, then you should consider applying for your company to join the Tizen Partner Program. Remember, there is NO cost or FEE required to join or participate in the Program.

Benefits of the Program

This is a great opportunity to understand more about what the Tizen Association is trying to achieve and enable access to some of the world's largest operators, OEM's and chip set manufacturers. The program is also due to undergo some significant changes soon, making it even more rewarding for you to be program member. As a member you benefit from:

  • Access to Tizen Association Newsletters and other related material
  • Co-marketing and Speaking Opportunities
  • Demo and Showcase opportunities
  • Access to the Private Partners-only web portal (coming soon)
  • Potential to participate in Tizen Association Working Groups (invite-only)
  • Invitation to Tizen Association Social Events, Networking sessions and Partner Meetings


How to Apply

  1. Complete the ONLINE APPLICATION
  2. You will be sent some legal contracts for review
  3. Complete your portion of the contracts to state your intent to join
  4. Application will be reviewed and voted on by the Tizen Association Board of Directors
  5. Upon final BOD approval, Tizen Association will counter-sign the contracts and provide you with your Welcome Package! 


Please contact the Tizen Help Desk - [email protected] if you have any questions about the program or clarification on the application process. 


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