OpenMobile have been with the Tizen OS since the good old MeeGo days, bringing over 400,000 applications to our late beloved OS.

For those that do not know about OpenMobile, they have developed an Android Compatibility Layer (ACL) solution which enables them to run Android applications on Tizen, among other platforms. What this means for a new ecosystem is that it gets an immediate application boost for the new platform, whilst native applications are being designed and built by developers.

ACL for Tizen performs seamlessly on Smartphones, Tablets, and potentially Connected TVs and In-Vehicles. As long as OEMs are interested in bundling OpenMobile’s ACL solution as part of their OS, then there is a huge amount of Android Apps that will run on your new device, including many of the must have apps like WhatsApp.

“ACL transforms your platform into a vibrant ecosystem. ACL has the power to change the trajectory of the global marketplace and level the playing field for mobile devices”

Below is a quick video showing angry birds and also WhatsApp running on a Tizen Developer Device: