Samsung to launch Smart Home, Smart TV and other devices including Gear Glass at IFA 2014

It looks like Samsung is getting ready to unveil more Tizen gear smart watches at IFA 2014, and also possibly Tizen TV and Gear Glass. Yes, the excitement is killing us.
Jun 17, 2014

It looks like Samsung will be unveiling more wearable devices, curved UHD TVs and expanded smart home services at IFA in Berlin this year, making it a major event for Samsung to show details of its Smart home strategy. Samsung co-CEO Yoon Boo-keun is expected to give a keynote speech at the event, outlining their strategy and country rollout plans.


Since the Smartphone market is becoming more saturated, Samsung is looking at new opportunities in other markets. As we saw at the Tizen Developer Conference, Samsung is looking at creating a new Smart Home ecosystem.


"Samsung plans to show the global technology industry that it is transforming itself into a solution provider from a hardware supplier," said a senior executive at one of Samsung's top local suppliers.


Along with the wearable devices, there is the potential of the Samsung Gear Glass device (or gear blink ?), which will rival Google Glass, and also the timing is right for Tizen TV to be launched. Samsung plans to expand the smart home services to areas with "high growth potential," from connected devices and home solutions including home security and energy management, other than just appliances.

We are getting ready for IFA. Are you?



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