Tetris for Gear 2 – Play the Historic Puzzle Game on your Smartwatch

JohnPeter Elverding
Jun 11, 2014

Old skool and new gear combine nicely in the latest rebirth of Tetris, one of the most popular games of the 1980's. The game, developed by Russian developer Alexy Pajitinov, changed the way we were used to play games. It has been introduced June 6th, 1984 and is probably the most bought, used and copied game and the one that can be said to be truly multi-device. The original clones or its family members can be had for your 1990's PDA or phone, any PC/Mac system, your game console and nowadays your smart Android or iOS phone. And yet another version has hit the stores: Your Tizen operated Gear2 smartwatch is the next device.

The game is made available by Vykthur, a lead developer and founder of denvycom.
According to him the Tetris Gear is a standalone Gear2 app, meaning that you don’t need a smartphone around to be able to play it. It will be active on the smart phone itself. In the display you can also view the most recent top 10 scores. Good news for abroad: German, French and Spanish versions are in the planning

What other game will be able to boast on a track record like this? Apart from your own device, Tetris is an important element in Belgians TV-Quiz "Blokken". (Blokken means squares in Flemish.)

Who of you readers will admit they're heavy users of tetris? You can post your comments under this post! (Actually, I'm not…). More information on Tetris Gear at Denvycom


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