Samsung has been really pushing the Tizen OS out lately on different types of devices such as home accessories and wearable tech, and since we have got an official reveal of Samsung Z (SM-Z910F) which is the first Tizen running Smartphone, there are new leaks popping on our screens as Samsung has been shipping a bunch of parts from South Korea which is their home country to certain parts of the world and apparently they are related to a Dual-Sim Tizen phone because of the code name or rather, the model code which is provided in the leaked image.

The code name is SM-Z130H and knowing the fact that Samzung Z runs Tizen as its OS, this could pretty much be the next Tizen device in the works for those of us who are interested in budget phones when it comes to newly born platforms.

We’ve got the rumor from SammyToday website and despite the slight typo in the model name on their website (Mentioning SM-G130H instead of SM-Z130H) We get it as some good news because aiming at a wider audience is definitely the key to success for newly built platforms.

Especially if you are aiming at developing regions, selling a dual-sim phone is a very good idea.



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