Fleksy has been working on a Messenger and a unique gesture based customizable keyboard for quite a while on Android and iOS (Messenger only) now and seems like they recently have published their new update for gear smartwatches as the ecosystem grows.

According to Fleksy.com  which lays their official blog in it, the application is recently launched for the gear lineup and the first update is already reaching the smartwatch variant of the app. Also it seems like that they are quite impressed with the feedback from gear community!

“We’ve been amazed at the positive reception Fleksy Messenger is receiving in the Gear community. We are already one of the top apps on the platform, and user reviews speak for themselves when it comes for Fleksy’s accuracy on a small screen” said Ioannis Verdelis, Founder and COO of Fleksy.

The update features a numerous bug fixes and improvements despite adding support for gear 1 devices which are now running Tizen OS (A very nice move there!)

“We are proud to be the leaders in the wearables text input market, and can’t wait to show what we have in store as the wearable technology market expands”


Fleksy’s Android beta with all the additional languages is available for immediate download by joining the beta at http://beta.fleksy.com.

Fleksy Keyboard launches 15 new Languages Beta

Fleksy Messenger’s update is available for download via Samsung Apps.