[Video] KDE Plasma 5 Released. How about getting it on Tizen Common?

KDE Plasma 5 has been released and also brings the question: Why not use Plasma 5 with Tizen Common? This would make a perfect UI fit. What do you think?
Jul 17, 2014

Hot news as KDE have announced their first release of Plasma 5 KDE desktop. Plasma 5 is not only powered by Qt 5, but also the recently released KDE Frameworks 5.

One of the biggest selling point of Plasma 5 is the ability of the UI to adapt to changes in your computing environment, ie Changing from a tablet UI to a desktop UI once it senses you have plugged in a Keyboard and mouse.

Plasma 5 now includes changes to the compositor and frameworks in preparation for Wayland support coming in a later update.

Other new features

  • Huge amount of visual refinement
  • Redesigned Kickoff app launcher
  • Cleaner notification area
  • Improved support for HiDPI displays
  • Hardware-accelerated graphics stack


KDE Plasma 5 and Tizen Common?

This is all good and well, but what does this have to do with Tizen I hear you say? Well, one of the things we need for Tizen Common is a great UI, and KDE Plasma 5 seems a perfect fit, or at least one UI that makes sense to layer on top of Tizen Common! Check out the video below:



For reference, the KDE wiki has information on getting Plasma 5 desktop on Arch Linux or Opensuse. You are also able to get Ubuntu-based images through Project Neon.

Can it be done? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


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