[Video] Booting Tizen onto a Android Tablet

We now have Tizen running on a cheap commercially available Android tablet, the Serioux Surya 7 Antares SMO9VDC, which has a AllWinner processor in it. Learn more ....
Jul 7, 2014

Leon Anavi has been working on the Tizen sunxi project, and has also been involved with porting tizen to open source hardware devices. Now he has began getting Tizen to run on a commercially available Android tablet which has an Allwinner processor in it.

The target device in this case was a Serioux Surya 7 Antares SMO9VDC tablet, which has a Allwinner A20 processor at its heart. He was able to booted a Tizen-sunxi image from the MicroSD card. One of the benefits of booting from the MicroSD card is that you are still able to boot into Android if you choose, by simply removing the MicroSD card and restarting the tablet.


At the moment this should be considered a proof of concept as there are a lot of things are not working. Next on the agenda is to get Tizen 3 Common images running on the AllWinner A20 System on Chip (SoC).

The tablet had to be reverse engineered in order to get boot information. A script.bin file must be obtained from the Android stock image. After that it can be converted to fex file and read using text editor. Guidelines for the "hacking" process are available here.

A Similar approach can be used for booting Tizen onto any device that runs Allwinner processors such as the A10, A10S, A13, A20, A23, A31, etc.

More information to come soon 🙂

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