Two Samsung Tizen Dual Sim Budget Phones Spotted, SM-Z130H & SM-Z130E

Yesterday we got information on a SM-Z130H Tizen device headed towards Bangalore India! Now theres news about another smartphone, the Tizen SM-Z130E
Sepehr James Noori
Jul 16, 2014

Just a few days back we have got some leaks from a shipment of a few accessories that was suspicious to be for a new budget based Tizen handset heading towards Bangalore - India! So that was that but today we have got some new information including a NEW handset aside from the SM-Z130H that was mentioned in our previous post, dubbed SM-Z130E.

Samsung SM-Z130E-Tizen-phone

This is essentially the same as the Z130H but a different variant. Maybe one is dual and one is single SIM? We'll have to wait and see how they turn up when Samsung makes them official.

This may make the slight failure of Samsung of delivering the Samsung Z at Tizen Developer Conference in Russia last week, because it may be an indication of them releasing all the three devices (Or more than that?) all together to compete with their new OS not with one, but with quite a few devices including wearables that were released at MWC 2014.

Anyways, this could be good news for people whom are eager to play with new platforms while keeping the budget low.

Do you think that we'll see them phones at IFA this year? Will they get finally launched in the market? Tell us what you think and how it may vary if they release more than one device and target the emerging markets as well!


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