At the Tizen Developer Summit Russia 2014, we had a keynote presentation by Matti-Pekka Sivosuo entitled “Overview of Tizen Common and IVI profiles”.

Matti-pekka talks about Tizen being an Open sourced standards based software platform, utilising HTML5, W3C web based API’s. Tizen as a software project tries to use as much open source components as possible, which provides good support for it from the community. Tizen started in 2011 when Samsung Linux Platform was merged with MeeGo to become Tizen. The main backers

Tizen 2.x and Tizen 3.0 Architecture and supporting roadmap is also discussed. The Tizen Common profile is delved into and the reason to why it exists, and the key features of the current Tizen Common release.

Depending on your requirements, Tizen Common can be:

  • Full and Light, for Smart devices with Hi-Res displays
  • Micro for consumer devices
  • Nano for wearables


For more information, check out the video that is in English, but has also got Russian translation: