HERE announce their Mapping solution 'Here for Gear'

HERE have announced their mapping solution called HERE for Gear, for Tizen based smartphones and wearables from Samsung, including the Samsung Gear S. Check out ....
Aug 29, 2014

HERE have announced their mapping solution called HERE for Gear for Tizen based smartphones and wearables from Samsung. Users will be able to use the maps offline and online (as current Nokia phones can).

On the recently announced Samsung Gear S you will be able to tap on the navigator icon to start HERE for Gear, and actually be able see your location !!!! Next you can select your destination, and then get turn-by-turn walking navigation including public transit directions. Also as a first you can download maps for offline use as well, meaning you don't need an Internet connection to make use of these features.


Samsung have also introduced the HERE for Samsung Galaxy Smartphones App that can be used in conjunction with the HERE for Gear app, providing you the same features on your Smartphone.



You will be able to plan your walking or public transport route on your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone, making use of the larger screen, and then beam the directions over bluetooth to your Smartwatch and continue your journey.



We expect the HERE for Gear app to be available alongside the Samsung Gear S global rollout, and hope it is compatible with the Gear 2 / Neo.

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