[Video] [How to] Mod your APK's to work with TizenMod 3.0 Root by Skin1980
Aug 18, 2014

Earlier we posted a method to root (jailbreak) your Samsung Gear 2 / Gear Neo by Skin1980, and one of the great features is that you can install apps onto your Gear 2 Smartwatch from non Samsung Smartphones !!!! As we know, the Gear 2 can currently ONLY work with certain Samsung phones, but no more !!! You do need to be a bit technical as it does involve using the Tizen SDK.

Mod your APK to work with TizenMod 3.0 (Root ROM/ Firmware)

  1. Bring the apk ( you can also install via Samsung App Store and copy the apk with a root browser from /data/app/)
  2. Pull the wgt file that are inside the assets folder
  3. Import in tizen SDk and remove the signature
  4. Always in Tizen SDK rebuild the wgt with the test signature
  5. Put the wgt u have created in the step above inside the apk ( you have to copy it over the original)
  6. Sign the APK


Below is a video that can help some of the above steps:



Here is the Modded version of the Watch Styler App for you to Download

You can also make a donation to the developer, as this stuff takes time and dedication to do.

UPDATE: You can also request for modded APK's on this thread at XDA developers.

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