Samsung’s three-in-one USB cable lets you charge three devices at once

Find it hard charging all your Tizen devices at once? Samsung introduces a three in one charging solution that lets you charge from one usb cable. Interested?
Aug 30, 2014

Do you have need to charge multiple items at once? Well living in the modern world with your phone, tablet, watch etc, the chances are that you will. Now begins the problem of going through the hurdles of making sure you have enough USB elads, power outlets etc, but there is another way ....

Samsung has now unvieled a USB cable that is capable of charing 3 different devices SIMULTANEOUSLY !!!! A three-in-one cable, that has three Micro-USB charging ends that efffectively lets you charge 3 pieces of tech. The lead is capable of carrying up to 2A of current, and distributes it evenly to your attached tech. If you have one devices connected it will get the full 2A, 2 devices will get 1A each, and if you connect all three they will get 667mA each.

No shipping date is given yet, but it is listed as coming soon and is priced at $39.99 USD.

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