The Tizen Developer Summit is going to be held on October 20-21 in Shanghai, China. As ever we will have Tizen keynotes, as well as a Tech Showcase. If you would like to submit a session paper, you only have until August 15, 2014.

Speakers are encouraged to submit sessions related to the use and development of Tizen, but you can also submit anything else that relates to Tizen and the idea is to create a vibrant and interesting conference.

Application development and deployment

  • Upcoming and popular applications (development stories, sharing experiences, etc.)
  • Use of the Tizen API and SDK (tutorials, news, tips and tricks for making great applications, development tools, and helpers)
  • Strategies for developing applications for Tizen devices using HTML5 or Tizen Native
  • Design guidelines and User Experience (different Tizen profiles, form factors, crossing the boundaries between them, and differentiation)
  • Deploying Tizen apps worldwide, including monetization, internationalization, and localization

Device development and use of Tizen profiles

  • New devices or profiles and product development stories (experiences, process, challenges, differentiation)
  • Improvements and developments in Tizen hardware adaptation (performance, power, Linux kernel developments, porting process, etc.)
  • Information around supported hardware platforms (tutorials/introductions, improvements/developments, and challenges)
  • Platform tools and process (tutorials/introductions, improvements/developments, tips and tricks, QA etc.)

Tizen project, process, and progress

  • Platform overview and key components (status and roadmap, profile deep-dives, opportunities)
  • Activity reports from various project areas
  • Future plans on Tizen 3.x, new ideas and suggestions
  • Project challenges and discussions on project and process
  • Outreach – engaging companies, governments, and others
  • Community building and fostering
  • Documentation, artwork, infrastructure



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