[Video] XBMC (soon to be KODI 14) running on Tizen wayland

You want to check out XBMC (soon to be KODI 14) running on Tizen Wayland? You can download, use, hack, test and contribute to.
Phil C
Aug 15, 2014

Tizen Developer Conference sponsors were generous this year by offering to the attendees two tizen devices, the 1st one was Samsung’s gear 2 Smartwatch and the second one was a Intel’s NUC device (Next Unit Computing). NUC is a small box to be used as a regular computer if you add some storage (SATA or USB) but it’s also suitable as an embedded device (MMC ROM) with the ease of x86 platform and FLOSS drivers set support.

It’s a perfect device for an Operating System (OS) developer to test various configurations of Tizen, there is no need to reboot or dedicate a PC for that, but since I got It for when I am not at work, I have to find out another usage, I could for instance use it as a 24x7 unit for self hosting online services (Email, web, screened’s IRC sessions or even heavier services like Owncloud since It did not run well on Raspberry PI), but my NAS running Debian is already doing this and I still feel that running several low consumptions devices at the same time is pointless.

So let’s revive an old project to make a music jukebox, since the device supports HDMI video let’s consider using it as a Media center !!!

Now the usage is identified, that was the most difficult part for me, because since the device has already Tizen support (NUC is one of the reference targets for Tizen:Common), the missing point was just the player software and the obvious candidate one was XBMC. If you never heard about it just forget the name and track upcoming release of KODI 14.

Now, Here comes the boring part, I did fetch xbmc sources and build it all on device (including missing dependencies) and just installed, remove some unneeded tizen packages, hacked a few environment scripts (systemd’s xbmc.service) and it was done, no more no less. Of course this could not compete with Samsung Tizen’s TV (they were demoed also at TdcSf14) but this "DIY Tizen XBMC Setup using wayland backend" is there and ready to be used from the couch.

Now, It could also stand as a base for opensource hackers to test tizen as a GNU/Linux distro and tweak stuff, feel free to improve it you can also contact me for hints (package the missing dependencies, add more network protocols ...) .

This image is based on Tizen:Common wayland flavour and XBMC master branch on the current date and can be installed to MMC (just copy /usr/local/).

[iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen]





xz -d *.xz
sudo dd if=*.img of=/dev/sdZ bs=64k # sdZ is your usbkey check using sudo fdisk -l
sudo sync ; sudo sync ; sudo sync


Use Unarchiver utility to extract image from .xz

Diskutil list - Lists the drives
Diskutil unmountdisk /dev/disk? - Allows access to the resource

sudo dd bs=4096 if=Image_file of=/dev/disk?


Install GNU/Linux or use some tools like


Enter NUC bios select boot on removable devices 1st.

Plug USB into NUC reboot and enter BIOS (you can report @VisualBios is hardly readable on a SdTv )

# Select usb
F10 # save



Copyleft: CC-BY-SA ~pcl

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