[App] Yotta - Digital watch face is now available on the Samsung App Store

The Yotta Clock Face is now available on the Samsung App Store. This Tizen Gear 2 / Gear 2 Neo clock face has an Interesting LCD look to it for calendar enteries.
Sep 23, 2014

We reports a few weeks ago that Yotta clock face had been submitted to the Samsung App Store, well now we are pleased to announce it is on sale !!! Since then it has had a couple of updates with version 1.0.4 now being available.


Application-Yotta-Gear-2-Neo-Tizen-Experts-3 Application-Yotta-Gear-2-Neo-Tizen-Experts-4


The Yotta clock face is a Interesting LCD look to it and it has a noble mission, “to make sure that you do not miss another calendar, ever again”, as calendar entries are displayed on the watch face. This clock face originally debuted in 2005 on the wristPDA, which was made by Fossil. Now, many moons later (9 years if your counting), it comes to the Gear 2.



  • Classic Digital Look
  • 12 Different colour themes to choose from
  • Animated seconds Indicator
  • AM/PM or 24h military time
  • Hourly Chime
  • Displays upcoming events from your calendar
  • Battery status
  • Charging indicator

The calendar update interval is every 5 minutes, but it can be forced to update by simply tapping on the digits of the display. The app is listed for $2.99

There are more improvements planned and also the developer David Trotz has got a Gear 3 version in the works. If you are in a position to provide assistance in translating the app into other languages, or if you want to provide feedback, please Email: [email protected]

Clock Faces

Application-Yotta-Gear-2-Neo-Tizen-Experts-5 Application-Yotta-Gear-2-Neo-Tizen-Experts-6
Application-Yotta-Gear-2-Neo-Tizen-Experts-7 Application-Yotta-Gear-2-Neo-Tizen-Experts-8

Do you like the Clock Face? Let us know in the comments.

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3 comments on “[App] Yotta - Digital watch face is now available on the Samsung App Store”

  1. I am the developer of this app. I am looking for translators to translate the app into your native language. Please email me if you are interested in translating the app. david.trotz [at]

  2. Can't help with translations, but I'd just like to say - neat clock face. Easy to read and the battery indicator a useful factor.
    Thanks David!

  3. Hi, I wonder what happened with Yotta clock face. I liked it very much, but after resetting my phone it wasn't available?


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