BMW Show off how you remote control the BMW i3 electric car with your Tizen Gear 2 / S Smartwatch

BMW were at IFA 2014 showing off their BMW i3 car and also how it integrates with the Tizen based Samsung Gear 2 / S Smartwatch. Now this is tech for your wrist
Sep 12, 2014

The car is not simply something that you sit in to get from A to B. Now it is technically an extension of you and integrates with your wrist. Previously we have shown you OnStar remote controlling a Chevrolet car, well now at IFA 2014 it was BMW's turn to show off their BMW i3 electric car, and also show what Samsung Gear 2 and Gear S users could do with their Tizen based Smartwatches.

Samsung Gear S BMW i Remote IFA 2014 3

All you need to do is download and install the application that is compatible with the Samsung Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, Gear S and potentially the Galaxy Gear, now you can begin remote controlling your car, presuming the car also has a data connection. For the Gear 2 / Gear 2 Neo you obviously need the device to be paired with a Smartphone for data, but the Samsung Gear S can use the 3G data capability of the built in SIM card slot and communicate directly with the car, bringing a new level of autonomous tech freedom to your wrist.

Samsung Gear S BMW i Remote IFA 2014 2
The BMW App shows you the cars battery level so you can judge when you need to top up your electric car, and also has a set of icons that lets you remotely lock or unlock the doors, control the windows, switch on or off the lights and even open the trunk!

When navigating you can select a contact from your wrist and have their address details beamed to the cars built in navigation system, making address input a less daunting task. Also locations for charging stations and virtually all of the features that can be found in mobile app for Android and iOS can be found in the watch app.

Samsung Gear S BMW i Remote IFA 2014 1

App availability is not known at the moment, but it is hoped that is happens soon after the Gear S launch. Can you see yourself controlling your car from your wrist?

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2 comments on “BMW Show off how you remote control the BMW i3 electric car with your Tizen Gear 2 / S Smartwatch”

  1. Do you know if they decided to actually bring this out?
    I have an i3.. awesome car..I have a Samsung note 4 edge... awesome phone.. I have the i3 remote app on my note 4 edge...awesome interface... i have the Samsung gear s.. [ now insert the womp womp womp soud of defeat ]... I have searched up down the gear s app store and its nowhere to be found.. checked in the phones standard app store nothing.. called samsung customer service and every person has given me every canned excuse out of the book.. I have been told everything from.. " you dont know what you are talking about, nothing like ever existed..." its only on the apple watch (which i couldn't believe the samsung rep was saying this to me over the phone) , you have to use the app on your phone for 10 days before it will show up on your watch and any other crap they could say to get me off of the phone.. Still no answers.. still no for my galaxy gear s...
    thoughts, suggestions. .?


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