Enlightenment Developer Day 2014 registration and call for papers is Live!!!

Just before LinuxCon Europe in Düsseldorf, Germany this year, Enlightenment Developer Day 2014 is scheduled. Enlightenment & EFL are important to Tizen Devs
Sep 9, 2014

Just before LinuxCon Europe in Düsseldorf, Germany this year, Enlightenment Developer Day 2014 is scheduled. Places are limited for the event, so please make sure that you register early. Enlightenment and EFL have an important place in Tizen that will become more apparent over the next couple of months.

The registration fee is $40 which will help fund a dinner and drinks for the evening event. For further information about the venue and the hotel please visit the Linuxcon Europe site. You do not have to be a LinuxCon attendee in order to attend the Enlightenment Developer Day.


Please register early following this link


If you wish to give a presentation, please put a quick summary of your proposal here (just a header and a name). 40 min

@tasn and @q66Review of Eolian, Eo, Bindings, Interfaces and What's to Come
@zmikeCreating advanced Edje layouts and working with new compositor features
@rasterKeynote Opening - Enlightenment and EFL - where it is and where it is going
@felipealmeidaC++ and JavaScript bindings for EFL and Elementary


Lightning talk (about 20min with questions):


@stefan_schmidtReleases Status Report
@stefan_schmidtQA Statistics
@devilhornsEFL/Enlightenment Wayland Status Report & Demo
@yakov-gEFL Gui Builder Status Report & Demo
@jpeg (if available)Text filters for evas, demos and future plans
@jpeg (if available)ETC1/2 texture compression for OpenGL
@billiobSomething about Terminology
@reutskiy.v.v (if available)EFL Edje Theme Editor status report and Demo
@Oleksander (if available)EFL Evas 3D extension demonstration of main features - collision detection(collaboration with Ephysics), frustum culling, etc.
@stanluk (if available)Current status of AT-SPI support in Elementary

Other potential topics could include: Wayland, Systemd, Merge Tizen requirement into Linux upstream stack, 2D games etc.


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