Financial Times fastFT app launches for the Samsung Gear S

The Tizen Samsung Gear S will have some interesting apps, inc the Nike+ fitness & Here for Gear mapping apps. Another app ss the Financial times fastFT app
Sep 1, 2014

The Tizen Samsung Gear S will have some interesting apps at launch, which include the Nike+ fitness and Here for Gear mapping apps. Another app to add to this list is the Financial times fastFT app, which has also been launched for the Samsung Gear S, bringing you news and information on the move.

The fastFT service already has half of its traffic coming via smartphones and tablets, and they consume more than 3 times the content when compared to a standard user.

FT chief executive John Ridding said: “Streaming fastFT through Spritz on wearables gives our readers the opportunity to be first to try an innovative new method of reading. It supports our strategy of making FT journalism available in whatever format our readers choose, and reflects the rapid growth of mobile, which now counts for almost half of all our digital traffic.”


Spritz co-founder and CEO Frank Waldman said: “By partnering with the Financial Times on the fastFT app for the Samsung Gear S, we’re reinventing the way people read their favourite content on wearables and other mobile devices. Spritz is helping publishers and brands succeed in this new digital space by delivering information such as news, email and social on small screens in an easy and efficient way while consumers are on the go.”


The fastFT app will not come preinstalled on the Samsung Gear S, but will be a featured app for you to download off Samsung Apps. More news will be available at at the Samsung Unpacked event later this week.

There is no news at present if there are any plans to release this app for the Gear 2 / Galaxy Gear range of Smart watches, but we will update this post as soon as we know.

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