Gear Manager updated to version 2.2.14092299, Do you still have problems? Need a fix?

Samsung Gear Manager was updated to version 2.2.14090599, but it and version 2.2.14092299 seem to have issues. We have a workaround fix that can help you back on your feet again. Read on ....
Sep 23, 2014

Samsung Gear Manager has been updated to version 2.2.14090599 last week, but unfortunately that seemed to bring a fair few problems along with it. Today Samsung have released version 2.2.14092299 to help resolve some of those issues.

Samsung-Gear-Manager-Gear-2-Neo-Tizen-Experts-2 Samsung-Gear-Manager-Gear-2-Neo-Tizen-Experts-3

So far todays update may not have resolved everyones problems, as I have uninstalled and reinstalled and still get the "Unfortunately, Gear Plugin has stopped" message. I advise if you don't need to update then hold off for now whilst more people who already have issues try this.

If you do need to revert to an older stable version of Gear Manager then please use the Instructions below , that have previously helped people when the Note 3 would not connect to the Gear 2.


  1. Download the Galaxy Gear Manager app. At this moment the version was 2.0.14031004
  2. Make sure you can install .apk files on your Smartphone. To do this go into Settings - General - Security, and select Unknown Sources. If you do not understand the implications, then please do not do this
  3. Use a file manager to Launch the Downloaded GearManager1_2.apk file
  4. Once Installed try connecting to your Smartwatch. I had to cancel the connection from the phone (not the smartwatch), then retry for it to finally connect


Thanks to G√ľnther Stefan about reminding us about this previous workaround.

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15 comments on “Gear Manager updated to version 2.2.14092299, Do you still have problems? Need a fix?”

  1. It says I need to update my software. Not working for me. On the new version I was getting the host manager error message

  2. The new update is working for me.. I uninstalled the previous faulty one first.. Gear 2 neo and Galaxy S4 mini..

  3. When I installed this update I unpaired the gear from phone first and then used gear manager to make the connection after installation.. I have also switched off auto updates now to avoid what happened with the previous update..

  4. I had problems too, but solved them by de-installing and re-installing Gear Manager. This meant re programming some features and re-installing previously purchased apps which took some time, but all's well that ends well!

  5. Have turned off automatic updates.. there is now a new version..2.2.14100299
    Has anyone checked if it is working alright.. any feedback..

    1. I just installed the 0299 version yesterday as I found that the 0599
      version could NOT connect anymore to my Gear 1 or Gear 2 for over 2 and a
      half hours. Out of pure frustration (and after talking to the level 1
      & 2 Samsung techs about this over and over for the last 3 weeks and
      finding the CLUELESS) I decided to take the plunge and do it myself. I
      even pointed Samsung to this article and they had no idea that either of
      the last 2 updates even existed nor could tell me what they offered or
      where to get them...I MEAN CLUELESS!!!! Anyway, this new version is
      still not perfect, but at least has better connections between the
      watches if you can't get them to connect as I was experiencing. Also,
      as a big tip...the best way I've found to upgrade OR even downgrade the
      Gear Manager with any version (including the ones mentioned here that
      Samsung knows nothing about) is to install an app on your phone called
      "Apptoid". I have had it for a while now so I'm not sure if it came from
      the Playstore or eleswhere but just Google it. Once running, just
      search for Gear Manager, then hit the "related" button and it will show
      you the last 3 versions, then hit the "more" button and you will see
      many more older versions where you can install any of them right from
      the app! If downgrading, it will automatically revert you back to the
      stock GM first, then you can install any other version and try your luck
      with that one. I have almost tried them all and the all really are a
      piece of $hit if you ask me. Samsung is horrible with this Gear
      Manager!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck all, and thanks Tony for letting us
      know that there even was a new version released since Samsung didn't.

  6. I am running Gummy ROM on Sprint Note 3 4.4.4 and when I try to pair my Gear 2 with N3 using Gear Manager (latest version) I get a pop up saying HOSTMANAGER Stopped but I can't get around it. Any suggestions?

  7. Hi. i have a galaxy gear2 and i had connected it to my galaxy mega5.8 but after updating it to new version of gear manager v2.2.14092299 a message shown that your device need to reset. after reset i cant connect my gear2 to smartphone please help me...

  8. I use the GearModule Version 2.2.14110499.

    I was able to pair the Galaxy S4 with the Gear S,
    but then the HostManager was stopped.
    Allready restarted the Phone and the Gear S.

    Gear S stuck at "Waiting for Application Samsung Gear Setup..."

    Any Idea?

  9. io sono riuscito a collegarlo al Z3 e va quasi tutto fa la chiamate manda le foto al cellulare solo poche cose non fa

  10. i have done this and its installed but my gear still wont connect can one of the mods or someone please conntact me plz.

  11. Helio, I installed gear manager in a Gionee s5.5L, it installed well I get the notifications but I have the following issues:

    1- Gear Apps Store is present in the Gear Manager. (attached screenshot)
    2- Contact will not sync

    Any help appreciated.


  12. Heres the odd one, I have a SM-R760 Frontier, bought from Hong Kong and the Australian version of the S7 Edge, and low and behold. No Access to Samsung Pay for Gear. Samsung say I need to wait for the Gear Pay to be released in the country of origin, can someone tell me where model SM-R760 is launched?


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