Samsung ship SM-Z130H budget Tizen Smartphones to India for R&D Purposes

It looks like the model number of the Tizen based Smartphone being released in India in November 2014 is the dual SIM Tizen Samsung SM-Z130H. Read on for more details.
Sep 22, 2014

It seems like there is a fair amount of Internet Interest in Samsung shipping a Tizen based budget Smartphone in India this coming November, and now we have more information pointing to the model number being the Tizen based dual sim Samsung SM-Z130H.


According to a Zauba International shipping manifest, Samsung have shipped 150 of these units from South Korea to India for R&D and Evaluation purposes, which is a fair amount for an R&D unit to continue its work with. We have been tracking two budget Tizen based Smartphones lately, the SM-Z130H & SM-Z130E, with various parts being shipped to India every couple of months or so, but this is one of the largest shipments that we have seen so far.

This Smart phone will run Tizen Lite, which is a version of Tizen that has been developed especially for lower powered Smartphones as it only requires 256Mb of RAM, 512Mb ROM and also supports HVGA and QVGA screens.

Tizen is gaining momentum with it also being used to power the recently announced Samsung NX1 Smart Camera and also the Samsung Gear S Smart Watch. Before you ask, there is no news about the delayed Samsung Z at the moment. We are hoping Samsung can revive its fortunes, but that is for another post.

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