Samsung show off Tizen TV running on a Commercially available TV

Samsung displayed Tizen TV running on a Commercially available TV at the Samsung Open Source Conference 2014 (SOSCON). Smart TV model number was UN65H8000AF
Sep 18, 2014

Samsung Electronics showed off the very first Tizen-OS based smart TVs at Samsung Open Source Conference held at the Grand Inter-continental Hotel in Samsung-dong, Seoul. The reveal was shown as part of the 'Overview on Tizen TV Architecture' session.

Tizen TV was presented running on a 65inch Smart TV Model UN65H8000AF had already been released earlier this year, but here it was running Tizen version 2.2.1, but it is thought that the commercial product will ship with Tizen 2.3. This is the first time that Samsung have showed off Tizen running on a commercially available device, opposed to the prototype that was showcased at the Tizen Developer Conference

Samsung Tizen Enough TV OS National Public 1

Tizen TV specific development tools and an API will be made publically available early next year to developers so that they can start coding smart TV applications, which represents another significant app ecosystem that Tizen has to compete in, but there should be some portability between standard HTML5 Tizen apps and Tizen TV apps with the required input modifications.

Samsung Tizen Enough TV OS National Public

Samsung executives confirmed that they are looking at launching the product at CES 2015, with the TV's going on sale a few months later. The strategy for bringing Tizen to market and building an effective app ecosystem is to introduce it in Samsung Smart appliances such as refrigerators, lighting, TV, washing machines, wearable devices like the Samsung Gear 2 & Gear S, and then to complete the Tizen ecosystem with Samsung Smart Home.


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One comment on “Samsung show off Tizen TV running on a Commercially available TV”

  1. Tizen tv ui looks beautiful!!!Performance smooth as a butter!! Good work tizen !!You are the future !!!
    To be honest I dont really like the tizen ui on the smartphone and smartwatch not really nice looking....If u guys improve on that i will definitely go for tizen and I heard that samsung will release another tizen phone in 2015 ,cant wait to get my hand on!!!


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