Samsung still working on budget Tizen Smartphones to take on Google's Android One in India?

More information is at hand about work being carried out on the Tizen based SM-Z130E Smartphone in India. Is this the dual with Android One about to start?
Sep 10, 2014

We haven't seen any movement on the Samsung Z Smartphone since we reported that it was shelved and Samsung were focusing on budget handsets, and also the SM-Z130H and SM-Z130E Smartphones were on the way to India.

Now there is another shipping manifest from Zauba showing a shipment of "Samsung mobile phone set SM-Z130E" being shipped for R&D purposes. This confirms that there is indeed work still being carried out in India on budget Smartphones. There are two versions that we have seen in testing, the SM-Z130H and the SM-Z130E.


These low powered Smartphones will most likely be running Tizen Lite, which is ideal for these type of devices as it only requires 256Mb of RAM, 512Mb ROM and also supports HVGA and QVGA screens. Standard Tizen on a Smartphone requires at least 512Mb RAM, 1Gb ROM and support for HD / WVGA.


This is good news to see Samsung are still trying to launch a Tizen Smartphone at the lower price point, as we have seen this past week Google has made moves in India with their Android One Operating System, and invitations have already been distributed regarding a launch date of 15th September 12 noon.

We need a Tizen Smartphone, and if Samsung are going to release one in India, we really hope they do it at a point in time that it can actually compete against Android One, whilst both OS's have everything to play for and both are un-established. This handset could be the start, and then a developer real world device, and a flagship device like the Samsung Z will help us win the day!

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