Samsung to Launch Tizen based Smartphone in India in November 2014 !!!


It looks like a Tizen Smartphone launch in India is on the cards, and the launch date is November 2014 for our Linux based friend. Samsung believe that they can use content to differentiate themselves from the competition, enabling them to maintain their lead in the Indian Smartphone market. We are not expecting the launch of the Samsung Z at this point, but more likely the budget Tizen Samsung SM-Z130E or SM-Z130H.

At Samsung’s global senior management meeting, much of the focus was on the newly formed Media Solutions team, which is expected to launch the first Indian Tizen Smartphone after Diwali (November), said Tarun Malik, director of media solutions center, South West Asia.

“We started late, but we are very focused. We are not shooting in the wild. This is a game that has to be led by the device manufacturer and not the pipe (telecom operators),” Malik told Economic Times.

Samsung have launched the Samsung smart learning digital education store earlier this month, as well as Samsung Club 2.0, which is an entertainment store that was created in India and offers content from over 90 Indian TV Channels, with the ability to play online and offline content. The digital store competes with offerings from telecom operators, such as Vodafone’s music store and Airtel’s Wynk, but Samsung believe the market is big enough for another player to compete in. “We have a few more (offerings) in the pipeline over the next couple of weeks,” Malik said.

Maliks team is responsible for promoting Tizen and is looking to introduce the Linux OS in the Indian market in November. “It will coexist with the Android devices,” he said.

According to Malik, a device maker can deliver such offerings better than the telecom operator, primarily because the manufacturer has greater control over what can be embedded in a device. Malik said in the Indian scenario, apart from some key cities, one cannot bet on streaming content, or content that is downloaded as it is consumed.