Will Samsung bring the new Gear S User Interface to Gear 2 / Neo / Galaxy?

The Tizen Samsung Gear S brings with it a fresh looking User Interface, but will existing Gear 2 / Gear Neo and Galaxy Gear users get updated to the new UI?
Sep 8, 2014

The Tizen Samsung Gear S is certainly making a bit of splash with its sleek looks, Integrated 3G modem, WiFi and Bluetooth, as well as other features. There is however one feature that keeps catching our attention and also the attention of existing Gear 2 and Galaxy Gear owners ... the new User Interface (UI), with widgets that are easily reachable with a single swipe.


This new UI has caught the attention of Developers in the recently released Tizen Wearable SDK as well, and is seen as a MAJOR upgrade to the previous Icons.

"In the new UI you swipe right for notifications, swipe left for widgets, and swipe up for applications"


Now it makes sense that Samsung updates the UI on its existing line of Tizen based Gear 2 / Neo line up to this new UI, and even the Galaxy Gear, which originally shipped with Android, and then was later updated to Tizen. With a unified UI across its Tizen wearable devices, developers will be able to easily target any of the Smartwatches, without needing to go through a hideous UI translation when adapting for a particular device.


We have reached out to Samsung for a comment about their future plans. In the meanwhile here are some more pictures for you to drool over:



[AFG_gallery id='15']
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2 comments on “Will Samsung bring the new Gear S User Interface to Gear 2 / Neo / Galaxy?”

  1. When I first opened the New SDK and fired up the emulator running the Gear S virtual machine I noticed the Much needed change in the fundamental navigation of the UI.. and I asked my self the same question as the topic of the artical.. but I then found what is surely and im most likelihood is the answer. the answer is yes
    since immediately after that I opened the Gear 2 VM in the newly released SDK and it to had the Overhauled version of the current OS UI ect... so I can safely surmise that it will soon be released via firmware update.


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