[Application] Gearam Music ID app now available for your Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch

Music Identification apps like Shazam have been around for a while, but not for your Tizen Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch, but now we have Gearam Music ID for your
Oct 8, 2014

Music Identification apps have been around for a while now, software like Shazam and Sound hound, but wouldn't it be more convenient if we could bring this functionality to your wrist? Well Gearam Music ID is an app for your Samsung Gear 2 that does just that !!!

Application-Gearam-Music-ID-Samsung-Galaxy-Gear-2-Neo-Tizen-Experts-3 Application-Gearam-Music-ID-Samsung-Galaxy-Gear-2-Neo-Tizen-Experts-4



  • Launch 'Gearam Music ID' on your Gear 2
  • Tap the 'Listen' button to identify songs
  • Once the track is Identified, you can launch it in YouTube or Google Music



Application-Gearam-Music-ID-Samsung-Galaxy-Gear-2-Neo-Tizen-Experts-1 Application-Gearam-Music-ID-Samsung-Galaxy-Gear-2-Neo-Tizen-Experts-2


Gearam is available to download for your Gear 2 Smartwatch now (depending on your region). Get downloading and let us know what you think of it?

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4 comments on “[Application] Gearam Music ID app now available for your Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch”

  1. Hi there...I installed this app and I get a error no Internet connection message even though my phone is very definitely connected to the Internet (tried both WiFi and 3g...).

    Any ideas?


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