Control your Smartphone, Lighting, Music, TV, using a Smart Ring

The world is getting Smarter with us having a Smart Phone, Smart Camera, Smart watch etc, but now we also have Smart Ring or THE RING thanks to Logbar Inc
Oct 12, 2014

The world is getting Smarter all around us with Smart watch, Smart TV, Smart Camera, Smart Phone, Smart Car, Smart Fridge, Smart Washing Machine and Smart Home. Is there room for anything else that can be regarded as Smart? Well Yes, the Smart Ring! The devices is created by Logbar Inc., who have their headquarters in Tokyo and also an office in Sunnyvale, CA.

The Smart Ring gives you the ability of control your smartphone, smart home appliances, Google Glass, smartwatch and other compatible devices via air gestures, and connects to you Smart phone, Smart watch, Google Glasses, and other tech via bluetooth.

To use The Ring all you need to do is:

  • Put The Ring on your index finger
  • Press the small button on the ring
  • Perform tasks like take a picture, start music playback, tweet something, turn your lights on, turn your TV or other devices on, check the weather on your google glasses, and anything else that you can think of with the your tech at hand

“Create your own gestures and become the Ring master!”

In the box you get the equipment that's needed to adjust the size of the ring and also a battery stand that looks similar to a finger. The Ring has a lithium-polymer battery that can last between 1-3 days depending on how much you use it and also has 18 days standby. Do you like what you see, well for $269.99 you can get your very own ring.






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4 comments on “Control your Smartphone, Lighting, Music, TV, using a Smart Ring”

  1. Its possible share a music playing on deezer to facebook easily with the smart ring?

  2. Its possible share a music playing on deezer to facebook easily with the smart ring?


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