[Firmware] Tizen Samsung NX-300M Smartcamera gets a Firmware Update v 1.14

The first Tizen Smartcamera to be announced, the Tizen Samsung NX-300M got a firmware update to version 1.14. Do you need this software update? check out the change log to see.
Oct 15, 2014

The Tizen Samsung NX-300M Smart Camera, which was the first officially announced Tizen Smartcamera, has got a firmware update. We now get an update from version 1.13 to the dizzy heights of version 1.14 via a 331Mb download (245Mb compressed).

Change Log:

  • Improved 50-150mm S lens compatibility
  • Improved Flash-zoom issue of SEF42A Flash


If your not experiencing the above two issues, you can safely by-pass this update for now, and see what comes next. Possibly the next rumoured Smartcamera Interface updates might comes out, but then they might not.


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