Is the TouchWiz successor, Iconic UX coming to Android and Tizen ?

Is Samsung preparing a new user interface and user experience called Iconic UX to replace TouchWiz on Android & Tizen OS Smart Phones ? Here are some pictures
Oct 13, 2014

Samsung has been using TouchWiz on its Galaxy Smartphones and tablets from the early Android days (seems like decades now). It has reached it's success with using TouchWiz and incorporating its own features such as multi app display or screen mirroring (before it was native to the Google Androids OS).

Some people have complained that TouchWiz is a 'touch' heavy as a user interface and Samsung has been triming it down, and it appears to be the lightest and fastest that it has ever been on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.


TouchWiz has been improved over time, but still it doesn't seem like the UI that Samsung is happy with, and there are rumours that Samsung are working on a successor to replace TouchWiz, the Iconic UX which

has been talked about for a while now. It looks like there might be some truth to all this chatter now with Samsung filing a patent for the Iconic UX, which confirms the name and also some of the features that we can look forward to. Apparently with this Iconic UX users will be able to swipe between UI elements, and allows you to reveal additional categories such as the gallery, music player, calendar and more.

There is no confirmation that this new UX is headed to Android and some even say that it is destined for the Tizen OS. Either way, as a strategy going forward it would make sense having the same UX on both platforms, making it easier for your Google Android customers to come across to the Tizen platform, and become your customers, paying you a share of the apps, music and videos that they purchase, sounds very nice indeed.

We will have to wait for some concrete information about the Iconic UX's implementation, but in the meanwhile you can check out screenshots of the patent filing, that come to us courtesy of and the 'Load the Game' website:


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