Major online retailers have the Tizen Samsung Gear S Smartwatch on Pre-order in the UK

Yesterday we reported that Unlocked Mobiles had the Tizen based Samsung Gear S on sale in the UK for pre-order, and today Mobile Fun and Clove Tech have followed suit
Oct 10, 2014


Unlocked Mobiles

Yesterday we reported that UK online retailer unlocked mobiles had confirmed pre-orders for the Gear S, well today It looks like the momentum isn't stopping there.

Mobile Fun

Mobile fun< have announced they will have the Gear S in stock in the coming 2-3 weeks, no fixed release date as yet, but they will be retailing it for £329.99   Samsung-Gear-S-Smartwatch-Black-Mobile-Fun-Tizen-Experts-3

Make and take phone calls at a glance, even without a phone! With the Samsung Gear S Smartwatch, you no longer need to take your phone out of your bag or pocket to make and take calls. In fact, with its built-in 2G/3G modem - you don't even need your phone! The Gear S also pairs with your device and from its display screen, you can make and take calls


You can order the black or white version now.


Online retailer Clove have also listed the Gear S for pre-order for the price of £340.00 with the Black units to be available on 24th October, with white to be confirmed.


Is there any other retailers that have the Gear S listed? Please let us know.

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2 comments on “Major online retailers have the Tizen Samsung Gear S Smartwatch on Pre-order in the UK”

    1. Normally I think you would be correct, but this device has cellular capabilities, and the USA treats anything cellular a bit special, and attaches all sorts of extra contract twists.


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