[Annoucement] Winners of the Russian Tizen App Challenge

The Winners of the Tizen Russian App Challenge have been announced. These guys share a total of 7 million Rubels worth of cash prizes for their Tizen Apps.
Nov 28, 2014

Earlier this year Samsung launched the Russian Tizen App Challenge that was GEARED (forget the pun) towards the Tizen based Samsung Gear 2 and Gear S Smart Watches. The total prize fund was 7 million Rubels.

Below are the names of the Winners and also the amounts that they won:

Three winners in the category "Best game application"

ContentID AppName Place
932156 Five Letters 1 game
883755 Back to Candyland Blitz 2 game
934498 Ring 3 game


Three winners in the category "best non-game applications":

ContentID AppName Place
889594 Chaos Control 1 app
931448 Brain + 2 app
881991 AlcWatch 3 app

The winners-Tizen-App-Challenge-Experts-1

Five winners, who receive additional prizes:

ContentID AppName
928241 Pigeon Revenge
936003 RoboClock Maze
929507 Unit Converter GEAR
932528 StepPlayer
887176 BabyMonitor

The winners-Tizen-App-Challenge-Experts-2

Congratulations to everyone and we hope to see more events like this in the near future.


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