[Developer] Booting Tizen Common on Radxa Rock with Rockchip RK3188

Leon Anavi has booted Tizen Common onto another development board, this time the Radxa Rock with Rockchip RK3188 , an ARM Quad-Core SoC, Mali-400MP4 GPU
Nov 7, 2014

Radxa-Rockchip-RK3188-Tizen-ExpertsOur friend Leon Anavi is at it again !!!! What I mean by that vague statement is that he is porting Tizen onto another Development Board, in this case the Radxa Rock dev board that supports the Rockchip RK3188 SoC, which is a 28nm 1.8Ghz quad core ARM Cortex A9 and quad core Mali 400-mp4 GPU. It has 2GB DDR3 RAM and 8GB internal storage

At the moment Leon has booted Tizen:Common from microSD card.
More details below in his own words:

I have combined an Ubuntu image for RK3188 (provided by linuxium) with Linux-rockchip kernel 3.0.36+ and the Tizen:Common rootfs that has been used at the latest Tizen-sunxi image. The bootloader is proprietary and it is provided as a blob from Rockchip.

In order to get Tizen:Common working on Radxa Rock I had to edit /etc/fstab and to remove the instructions for mounting /boot, to build kernel modules from scratch and to place them alongside with the firmware files on the microSD card.

The image boots on the board and I am able to log in a console through UART cable but the display is not working. The boot log is available here:

I have created this image as a proof of concept that Tizen:Common can be booted on this board. In my spare time I will read more information about the Rockchip bootloader (or U-Boot which seems to be an alternative for this board too) and eventually I may try to build better image for Radxa Rock from scratch.

It will be great to see Leon progressing Tizen Common on this board. You can reach him on Twitter and also please check out his new book, the Tizen CookBook, you might even be able to WIN a FREE copy.

Process • 28nm low power process
CPU • Quad-core ARM Cortex-A9, up to 1.6GHz
GPU • Mali-400MP4 GPU, up to 600MHz
Graphic Computing • Support OpenGL ES1.1/2.0, Open VG1.1
• High performance dedicated 2D processor
• 1080P multi format video decoding (H.265 and VP9)
• 1080P video encoding for H.264 and VP8
Display • Dual-panel display and perfect for 2048x1536 resolution
Camera • Support dual camera
Flash • Support MLC NAND, eMMC
Memory • Full memory support, DDR3, DDR3L, LPDDR2
Connectivity • Rich peripheral and connectivity


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