[Developer] Booting Tizen:Common on Radxa Rock with Rockchip RK3188 SoC

Check out the progress that Leon Anavi is making on running Tizen Common on the open source hardware Development Board Radxa Rock with RK3188 SoC.
Nov 9, 2014

Some great news guys, we previously reported on Leon Anavi getting Tizen:Common running on the open source hardware Development Board Radxa Rock with RK3188 SoC (ARM Cortex-A9 quad core @ 1.6Ghz and Mali400-mp4 GPU), well now he has overcome some of the display issues that he was facing.

The Tizen:Common image is available to download at:

Please refer to the troubleshooting section for the frame buffer at the following article if you experience any issues with the display while using the provided image:

For more information about the efforts for porting Tizen to devices with Rockchip SoC as well as configuration files please visit:


UPDATE: Tutorial

Leon has kindly done a tutorial showing how you can transfer the Tizen:Common Image for Radxa Rock onto a MicroSD card and also how you can build Tizen:Common for Radxa Rock from Scratch. You can find the tutorial here.

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