[Developer] October 2014 – Tizen developer discussion roundup

Here is a Summary of the discussions that took place in the Tizen Developer Forums, during October 2014. We will hopefully have November summary soon.
Nov 17, 2014

Below is a summary of the major topics that were covered during October 2014 in the Tizen Developer forums, as compiled by Łukasz Stelmach.

Rafał Krypa, Jussi Laako, Dominig ar Foll and others discussed how to integrate security-manager and gumd in Tizen to make user creation and removal robust.

Tizen on MIPS arch

Crossposted from Tizen Product-dev list an anouncement about porting Tizen to MIPS architecture. New architecture means more people willing to make Tizen work better.

ToyBox task

ToyBox, thanks to Jan Cybulski, is gaining SMACK support. This, hopefully, will help it win the Tizen box Competition with Tinybox. Let's keep our fingers crossed. Go ToyBox!

No source package found at <Tizen_Project>. If you run into problems building Tizen from source you may want to read this thread.

Enhancing development workflow

Maciej Wereski proposed some improvements for our workflow regarding "big" updates. Where "big" means it requires building images with several updated packages and even more packages rebuilt due to updated dependencies.


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