Samsung Gear Manager App updated to version 2.2.14110499


The Samsung Gear Manager App has just been updated to version 2.2.14110499. There is no changelog (nothing new there), other than: Support for Gear Circle, but the support for Gear Circle was Introduced in an earlier version, so hopefully we can look forward to some more bug fixes that some of you might be suffering from. I haven’t had any issues with this one, so please install and leave some feedback in the comments.

Start Update

  • Launch Samsung Galaxy Apps
  • Select top left hand side menu button
  • Select purchased
  • Select the Gear Manager application to update
  • Press Update


Samsung-Gear-Manager-Updated-Tizen-Experts-1 Samsung-Gear-Manager-Updated-Tizen-Experts-2


Samsung-Gear-Manager-Updated-Tizen-Experts-3 Samsung-Gear-Manager-Updated-Tizen-Experts-4


Samsung-Gear-Manager-Updated-Tizen-Experts-5 Samsung-Gear-Manager-Updated-Tizen-Experts-6


Some users have had issues with some new version and have had a better experience using an earlier version of Gear Manager.