Samsung Tizen smartphone heading to India, could launch within weeks

A Tizen Smartphone could release in India within the coming weeks according to information passed to the economic times. Linux maybe among us, soon!
Nov 8, 2014

More speculation / confirmation is here with regards to the release of the Indian Samsung Tizen budget Smartphone. Economic times has been told by sources close to the matter that a Tizen Smartphone release could happen within a months time. This timeframe was originally confirmed by Tarun Malik, director of media solutions center, South West Asia at a senior management meeting.

"Samsung has the market and muscle to afford to have another operating system and it would be an excellent call to price it below Rs 10,000," said Karan Thakkar, IDC's lead telecom analyst. "But consumers are more willing to part their money in Android since they know it's backed by Google."

According to their (Economic times) sources, the Tizen Smartphone is likely to have a 4-inch screen and dual-SIMs with a 3.2 megapixel camera and 512 MB RAM, aimed at the budget end of the market, possibily between 5,000 and Rs 15,000. This information does point to the Smartphone being the Tizen Samsung SM-Z130H. A Samsung spokesperson called the news "market speculation" and didn't comment further.

The Indian market has seen more competition of late in the budget segment due to the release of Google's Android ONE OS/ Jolla and Firefox OS. All these devices are at a price point which is considered reasonable for a Smartphone in India. Lately we have also seen more Tizen smartphones heading to India for testing

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