[Pictures] Samsung Z at the Samsung Developer Conference - Photo Gallery

We see the Samsung Z (SM-Z910F) yet again at another developer conference, this time SDC14 (Samsung Developer Conference 2014). Is the release almost here?
Nov 20, 2014

The Samsung Z was the high end Tizen Smartphone that we were expecting to release at the Samsung Developer Summit in Moscwow, but didn't. The Smartphone was put on hold, but we keep seeing it at various conferences like Samsung Developer Conference 2014, Tizen Developer Summit Russia, Tizen Developer Summit Shanghai, and now the Samsung Developer Conference 2014. When it was first revealed it was running Tizen 2.2.1 but now has been updated to Tizen 2.3.

Below are the pictures from San Francisco, courtesy of the website fonearena:












The updated User Interface certainly looks more vibrant and playful in Tizen 2.3. This is the fourth time Samsung have shown off the Samsung Z, so that must mean a change of heart, they do want to release this model, and I've been hearing whispers that the India Tizen release might not ONLY be a Budget Smartphone, we might see the duo SM-Z910F and SM-Z130H.


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