Samsung Gear S now on Amazon India for Rs 27,900

The Tizen based Samsung Gear S has gone on sale on Amazon India for Rs 27,900, about $452 USD. Is this too high of a price for the average Indian to pay?
Nov 17, 2014

As we wait for the first Tizen based Smartphone to be released in india, the Samsung SM-Z130H, it seems like that is not the only Tizen based device to make a splash in the Indian subcontinent. The Samsung Gear S has gone on sale on Amazon India for Rs 27,200 which is about $452 USD. It is felt that this is quite a steep price for the average Indian to pay, but generally speaking this is not the cheapest of devices and is at the current cutting edge of technology.


Head on over to Amazon India for the Gear S if you want to get one, and check out the video below for the hands-on video:


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