Samsung Gear S Wrist Watch Strap coming soon with 5 different colours and also Bangle watch version

Technical specifications // Tizen Gear S Wrist Strap Watch and Bangle Watch Strap. ET-SR750A / ET-SR750B. Check out the Stylish Bands for your Wearable Tech
Nov 5, 2014


Gear S Wrist Watch Strap

The Tizen based Samsung Gear S is making its way this month to the US, UK, South Korea and other countries. The Gear S has a Diesel and a Swarovski version, but if thats not enough for you then Samsung is also releasing their own range of Gear S Wrist Watch Straps in 5 different colours: Cobalt Blue, Blue Black, White, Mocha Grey and also Supreme Red.


You have the right colour to suit your mood or your style, whilst being comfortable.


If you want to swap between theses wrist watch straps, you need to ‘pop’ your gear S out of one band and push it into another. Simple?

Gear S Bangle Watch Strap

The Samsung Gear S will also be getting the Bangle Watch Straps, which offer another unique look to your wrist. This watch strap is significantly wider and also a little bit thicker than the standard version.




Technical Specifications

Wrist Watch Strap
Colours Cobalt Blue, Blue Black, Mocha Grey, Supreme Red
Compatibility Gear S
Packaging Contents Gear S Urethane Strap
Dimension (WxHxD) 245 x 23.8 x 1 mm
Weight 47.55 g
Bangle Watch Strap
Colours Bangle Watch Blue Black, Bangle Watch White
Dimension (WxHxD) 222 x 39.9 x 2.2 mm
Weight 54 g

Pricing and availability is unknown at this stage, but it is listed as coming soon. Do you like the look of these colours? Like the Bangle Watch version? Let us know in the comments

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7 comments on “Samsung Gear S Wrist Watch Strap coming soon with 5 different colours and also Bangle watch version”

  1. I honestly cannot wait for the color ways to drop in the us, but I'm wondering if samsung will come out with other color ways as well. For example, teal, pink, green, purple, beige.

  2. Will the new bands fit the large wrist athletes. The Gear 2 finally came out with an extended strap. I tried on the standard strap on the SGear and they are the same size as the original Gear 2.
    The stores can give any info on this.


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