Samsung Gear S Launching on O2 on 11 November 2014

The Samsung Gear S will be launching for sale on the UK O2 network on the 11 November. You can grab it for £379.99 outright or on a 24 month contract. Tizen
Nov 8, 2014

The word on the street was that the Samsung Gear S was to launch on the network O2 in the UK on the 7th November. Unfortunately as often happens with these things it has been delayed. The new "promise" "promise" it will be released date is the 11 November 2014.

The O2 retail price for the Gear S was £379.99 to buy it outright, but if you did want it on contract, you can find their contract offerings in the table below.


This Information was verified by visiting three O2 Birmingham UK city centre stores. One store did have a single unit Gear S in stock, and the sales girl almost had a heart attack when I tried taking a photo of it. O2 do not like photo's. So get your credit cards ready, the 11th isn't far off. We've also got some more hands on video and pics for you.

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