[Video] How to take a Screenshot with a Samsung Gear S

The Tizen based Samsung Gear S has Screenshot / Capture capability already built into the Smartwatch, which is a great wearable tech feature to have.
Nov 5, 2014

With the Samsung Gear 2 we were unable to take a screenshot (capture) of the Smart watches display, well not unless you knew some technical wizardry, but with the Samsung Gear S, it has Screenshot capability already built in !!!

How to

All you need to do is hold the 'home' button and swipe across the screen left to right (only), with the resulting image being saved and able to be seen in the gallery on the Gear S and also in your paired Samsung Smart Phone.



Thanks to Robert Nawrowski and friend for the information and video. Your the Boss !!! (Private Joke)

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4 comments on “[Video] How to take a Screenshot with a Samsung Gear S”

    1. Correct. I'm stuck as well. Go to contacts with an email addy, click on the addy and see if it gives you the message that the app needs updated on your mobile device. I got that too. Everything on my watch and phone are updated though...confusing....


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