Samsung unveiled its new sharing platform called “Samsung Flow” at the Samsung Developer Conference. As you share content between different applications on Android via its Share system, you are able to use the same mechanism, but share it to different nearby Samsung devices, which includes phones, tablets, televisions and even watches.

You use the Android intents system to share, but now select to share to Flow, which in turn then lets you select other nearby devices that you are able to share to. You can also share to a Flow queue, which lets you choose which device you want to later pick up from were you left off at a later time. Flow is targeted at Samsung devices for now, but the company says it will open up flow at a later date.



At the Samsung Developer Conference everything had the word ANDROID glued to it, but there is nothing stopping this same features coming to TIZEN devices, and infact Samsung should choose to favour its new born OS over Android to give it the competitive edge in growing the Tizen ecosystem.