[Video] This is your Tizen Samsung Smart Home

Videos - Tizen can work in your Smart home and in your smart hub making your Tizen TV, robotic vacuum cleaner, fridge, air conditioner all work together.
Nov 10, 2014

Samsung's efforts in the Smart home are already well underway. We have seen the robotic vacuum cleaner, Washing machine, the fridge, the TV in what BK Yoon, the chief executive of Samsung Electronics called ‘the Home of the Future’ at the IFA 2014.

“The biggest change, the biggest transformation, it will happen in our Homes, at a speed we can barely imagine.”

Below are some videos that Samsung has released today, showing how the Smart home can be a natural part of your home, there to help and not to hinder. We see devices that are running Tizen and also others that we hope will run Tizen in the future.


The Overall Introduction to Smart Home



How you can monitor your home Appliances


Watching movies at home will be easier than ever


You can watch TV in the kitchen… on your refrigerator


You can do your laundry with an app


Why not clean your home while you are at it


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