[Video] Tizen Samsung Gear S coming soon to O2 in the UK #O2POSSESSED

O2 are the first UK network to have the Tizen based Samsung Gear 2 as coming soon / launching on their network, with a haunted house to test your heart rate
Nov 1, 2014

There has been much talk lately about the Tizen Samsung Gear S being released on US networks like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless, and now its he UK's turn. O2 are the first UK network to have the Gear S as listed as coming soon with a landing page and a video (see below).


O2 have a haunted house #O2POSSESSED setup and measure people's heart rates using the Gear S once they have had a little bit of a fright.


The Gear S is listed on the O2 website as coming soon, with information about it's keep fit benefits, different themes and straps, and the fact that everything now lives on your wrist!




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