The Samsung Gear S has a new dimension to it now, a newer model that wasn’t expected. We have seen the slow and steady global release of the 3G SIM enabled Smartwatch, but now it is also being sold in Japan by KDDI’s au brand, which is one of the three large carriers in the country, as a WiFi only model for ¥38,880 ($330).


As you can see from the above picture the SIM tray is missing from the bottom of the Smartwatch. In Japan NTT docomo is selling the standard SIM-enabled version, but au, which is the smaller of the two operators (carriers) has the WiFi-only model. The rest of the specifications seem to be the same as the standard Gear S variant. The Gear S WiFi model may appeal to people that don’t want a SIM card in their Smartwatch, and if it can cut down on the thickness and weight of the device and cost, I can see this appealing to many more people, or at least the people I have spoken to.

No information is available to when this version will be available in other markets.