Is this the list of Samsung Tizen Smart watches to battle Android wear in 2015?

Samsung Tizen Smart watch model numbers SM-R131 SM-R210 SM-R312 SM-R751 and SM-R760 have leaked. Is this the 2015 lineup to battle Android wear?
Dec 28, 2014

Samsung have launched a number of Tizen Smart watches this year, including the Gear S, Gear 2 / Neo, and also have updated the Operating System (OS) of the Galaxy Gear, which originally shipped with a cut down version of Android, to the Tizen OS.

Now the new serial leaker Upleaks has revealed a list of upcoming Samsung Gear series devices as below:

  • SM-R131
  • SM-R210
  • SM-R312
  • SM-R751
  • SM-R760


There is no news on the exact specifications or features for these devices at the moment, or if this is the 2015 lineup to battle Android wear, but it is interesting to see a model number SM-R751 being listed. We have seen previously similar model numbers for the Gear 2 (SM-R380) that had a camera and Gear Neo (SM-R381) which was camera-less.

Could the SM-R751 be a world wide release of their WiFi only version of the Gear S? Not every needs a 3G SIM Card in their Smart watch and this would cut down on the weight and overall size / bulk of the Smart watch, which happens to be the main criticism of the Gear S.

We wait to see .......

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