Tizen Samsung Gear S SM-R750 User Manual

If you got a Samsung Gear S this Christmas then here is the User Manual for the SM-R750 Tizen Smart Watch. Also a hands-on video #Wearabletech #Linux #Tizen
Dec 25, 2014

It seems like there are lots of people getting a new Tizen Samsung Gear S as a present this christmas and are asking me for a user manual in order to learn all about its functionality and user interface. You can find the user manual at this link or you can download it directly here. Below is also a video showing its User Interface and we will have a full review of the Gear S Smart Watch for you shortly.

Samsung Gear S hands-on


Samsung Gear S Support Site
Samsung Gear S SM-R750 User Manual
Samsung Gear 2 / Neo User Manual

If you have any questions then please give me a shout !

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