To Leak or Not to Leak? That is the Question ..... Samsung Z1 Tizen SM-Z130H

As the release date of the Tizen based Samsung Z1 SM-Z130H draws close, Tizen Experts choose not to leak images and further Information on this device. Read on as to why.
Dec 9, 2014

The title of this post might seem a bit confusing and to be honest so will be the content. You see we here at Tizen Experts have come into possession of some Leaked images and further information about the first "hopefully" released Tizen Smartphone, the Samsung Z1 SM-Z130H, that will hopefully debut in India on the 10 December.

Now normally any website worth it's salt would publish everything it can, in the online blogging world exposure and website hits is the "high" we crave. To be splashed across Engadget / The Verge / CNET, you know, splashed through the online universe, but we have chosen not to. Those that know me will know I tell the truth, those that don't will think I'm lying.


The reasoning of no reveal is that Samsung's launch strategy is secret, like many companies, but it looks like they will do a "soft launch" ie a press event and a URL to where you can buy this product in India, and I don't know how the Samsung marketing machine will position the Tizen phone and how they will convey some of the Information in our possession, so in an effort to not damage the Samsung marketing strategy for Tizen we have chosen NOT to reveal anything. It is hoped that Samsung appreciate this move.

For the Samsung Tizen launch it looks like there will be No Launch party. No glits. Just a simple release with not too many expectations. Until recent events, I didn't even think even a Press event was going to be possible, more that it was going to be an electronic press release.

Not long to go until the 10th.

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One comment on “To Leak or Not to Leak? That is the Question ..... Samsung Z1 Tizen SM-Z130H”

  1. 10th of December, still no news for this phone, i can't stop thinking that will a Tizen phone will ever exist in this market after all.....


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