[Video] Application LearnUrdu for Tizen Smartphones

LearnUrdu is a Tizen Smartphone App that helps you learn the Urdu language, which is spoken in the middle east, in places such as India and Pakistan.
Dec 26, 2014


Learn Urdu

Do you fancy learning Urdu, a language spoken by over 100 million people in places such as India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and the Middle East and is the fourth most spoken language in the UK? Well this is the app to let you do just that .....

History of the App

The LearnUrdu app was originally created by developer Zeshan Sajid as a Blackberry 10 application that has now now been ported to the Tizen platform as part of the Tizen Dev Lab held in London. LearnUrdu is suitable for the Tizen platform due to the opening of the Tizen store targeting the Asia region first. Furthermore, the release of the upcoming Samsung Z1 in India, allows the application to be of use, due to many people within India speaking Urdu.

The application LearnUrdu has three main tabs, that allow users to easily learn the Urdu language in a sequential order increasing in difficulty, as the user understands more. The Basics tab features common phrases and techniques with interactive voice translation to allow user to learn the correct punctuation of words. The Videos Tab collates popular Urdu tutorial videos from YouTube to allow the user to learn in an interactive manner. Furthermore, the Alphabet Tab permits the user to learn, how to spell and speak each letter of the Urdu alphabet, once they have completed the Basics and Videos Tab.

Application Features

  • Over 50 pages of learning material to understanding the Basics of Urdu, with 60+ sound examples.
  • Numerous videos of Urdu learning tutorials to aid you to learn and speak Urdu fluently.
  • Divided into separate modules: Basics, Videos, Alphabet to allow for easier learning and guidance.
  • Topics covered includes: Where is it Spoken, Pronunciation, Vowels, Uses Of Dots, What You Already Know, Is It Hard To Learn, How Similar Is It, What Not To Say And Do, How To Be Polite and English Greetings.


The application has new features coming soon, however due to the competition, the app has been completed as quickly as possible and submitted.






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