[Video] Open Hardware Summit 2014 - Rome #OSHW

Some videos from the Open Hardware Summit 2014. A stage for discussion on Open Source Hardware, which fits in well with Open Source OS and FOSS. OSHW
Dec 11, 2014

I recently became aware of some videos that I think you guys might like. They are from the Open Hardware Summit 2014 which took place in Rome this year. This is an Annual conference and promises to provide a stage for discussion on Open Source Hardware, which fits in well with Open Source OS and FOSS.


Welcome by Addie Wagenknecht and Opening Remarks by David Cuartielles (2014 OHS)


Jerome Saint-Clair - Dependence & Contribution (2014 OHS)


Phoenix Perry - Building Communities for Women in Open Source (2014 OHS)


Micah Elizabeth Scott - Hacking Hardware Creatively (2014 OHS)


Albertas Mickėnas, Simona Bekeraitė - The DIY Culture of Tinkering, Making and Fixing (2014 OHS)


Hagit Keysar, Liat Brix - A Matter of Scale - OH and Civil Architecture (2014 OHS)


Madeline Gannon, Zack Jacobson-Weaver - Opening Industrial Robotics (2014 OHS)


Becky Stern - What's Working in Wearables (2014 OHS)


Eric Pan - Design From Manufacture (2014 OHS)


Nick Ierodiaconou - Open Desk and Wikihouse (2014 OHS)


Tomas Diez - 10 years of Fab Labs, 90 years of Fab Cities (2014 OHS)


Gawin Dapper - The Story of Phonebloks (2014 OHS)


Jon Nordby - Death to Black Boxes (2014 OHS)


Nadya Peek - Sourcing Open Source Hardware (2014 OHS)


Ammar Halabi - Open Hardware and Maker Movement in the Arab World (2014 OHS)


Hannah Stewart, Hwa Young Jung - Beyond Snatch and Grab Ethnography (2014 OHS)


Yasmin Elayat - The Future of Storytelling, A Culture of Co-Creation with Your Audience (2014 OHS)


Adrian Bowyer - Giving Manufacturing a New Life (2014 OHS)


Allison Burtch - Liberation Technology in the Gleaner's Economy (2014 OHS)


Laura Lospennato - Designers, The DJs of the Maker Revolutions (2014 OHS)


Jason Kridner - The Power of the Right Message (2014 OHS)


David Huerta - NSA-Resistant Mixtapes for a Post-PRISM World (2014 OHS)


Ari Douglas - Review of Popular OSHW Licenses (2014 OHS)


Tristan Copley Smith - EcoHacking the Future (2014 OHS)


John Dimatos - The Open Source Advantage on Kickstarter (2014 OHS)


Closing Remarks by Simone Cicero and Gabriella Levine


Do you like this type of content? Let me know in the comments and I'll keep digging it up.

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